Oskin Leadership Institute’s Voices of Leadership Dinner

JOAN WATERS & DEAN MOLZ ATTEND Oskin Leadership Institute‘s ‘Voices of Leadership’ DINNER at Widener University

Mr Oskin

Yesterday, Joan Waters, COFCO CEO and Dean Molz, COFCO’s V.P. of Business Development attended the Oskin Institute’s ‘Voices of Leadership’ Dinner at Widener University.

Mr Oskin, featured in the image, founded the Oskin leadership institute at Widener with a donation. He, like David Einstein, graduated from Widener when it was a military college.

The 3 core values of  the Oskin institute are: Courage Character and Competency.  

Vernon Hill, Former Chairman and President of Commerce Bank and current Chairman and founder of Metro Bank, London,  was the key note speaker at the event. 

The Voices of Leadership annual dinner is an opportunity for the Oskin Leadership Institute to invite a business or civic leader to campus for a one-on-one conversation across a wide range of topics and themes, including the ways in which courage and character has informed and shaped the leader’s career.

More information about the event, together with profiles and videos of previous Widener Bugle Awardees can be found here: http://www.widener.edu/about/widener_values/leadership/oskin_leadership/programs/voices.aspx