COFCO Honored To Be Featured In PIDC’s 60th Anniversary Celebration!

The past 60 years have seen amazing developments in Philadelphia!

PIDC is 60 years old this year and has contributed to the success of many local businesses during the past half century.

We’re so honored to be featured as one of the 60 success stories highlighted by PIDC as part of their anniversary celebrations and to mark #WomensHistoryMonth this March.

You can see the exciting feature PIDC has published about COFCO and our involvement with the organization here.

We are grateful to PIDC, not only for their assistance in our growth, or even for featuring us in their celebrations, but also for the wonderful work they have done, and continue to do, in enabling businesses in Philadelphia develop to their full potential!  We look forward to seeing what great successes they enable over the next 60 years!