With COFCO since 1988
Joan Waters
General Manager
With COFCO since 1970
Alan Einstein
Director of Pre-Owned Sales
With COFCO since 2004
Erin Costello
Vice President of Sales, Philadelphia
With COFCO since 2005
Jessica Paulshock
Vice President of Operations, Philadelphia
With COFCO since 2014
Dean Molz
Director of Business Development
With COFCO since 2019
Bob Batley
Director of Architectural Products
With COFCO since 2016
Brianne Kelly
Director of Operations
With COFCO since 2016
Laura O’Laughlin
Director of Project Management
With COFCO since 1999
Tim Jacobson
Director of Facilities & Asset Management

They hire pleasant and helpful people all across the organization, and they all go out of their way. I can’t imagine any other company doing what they do better.

Marcia Vogt

Facilities Manager, UGI Corporation

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