Workplace Wellness Tips

Some tips from Allsteel to help you stay healthier at work:

Change postures frequently
The goal of height-adjustable tables is to increase movement and posture variations. Users should alternate sitting and standing several times throughout the day. For example, standing in the morning and sitting in theafternoon is not optimal usage. A worthy goal is to stand for15 minutes for every hour of sitting.

Don’t be afraid to sit
Height-adjustable tables are not intended to be used to support all-day standing positions. Too much standing may result in fatigue, awkward postures, and stress on legs and feet. Make sure you sit in a supportive, ergonomic chair when working from a seated position.

Proper height is crucial
The height-adjustable table should be positioned at a height that promotes healthy postures, regardless of whether you’re standing or sitting. Shoulders should be relaxed, wrists straight, and feet stable on the ground. Slouching or leaning means it’s time to change your posture.

Start slow
Much like starting a new exercise program, your muscles will need time to adjust to standing work. Gradually increase the amount of time you’re standing until you find a balance that works for you and your workday.

Footwear matters
It’s important to consider footwear when standing. High heels or other uncomfortable, unsupportive shoes are not ideal for long standing durations.