This Office Deconstructed: An Educational P.O.V.

Education is evolving.

Educational Furniture
In the same way that businesses are embracing collaborative knowledge work, educational institutions are also turning classrooms into interactive learning experiences. The days when teachers stood at the front and lectured students are over. Learning is now all about collaborative exploration of possibilities.

As the learning environment is evolving, educational furniture has had to keep pace.  Here are a few of the exciting options available from HON.


Motivate by HON:

Motivate – the perfect collaborative furniture



Turn a group space into a training room in minutes!

The Motivate collection of products, including tables, seating, and presentation tools, works together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution perfectly suited for any training application or virtually any collaborative environment.


SmartLink by HON


Movement is a critical aspect of learning. It stimulates thinking and allows for greater interaction with others. SmartLink seating uses a responsive, contoured design to support the way students move, allowing them to turn around, sit sideways, lean back, and stay comfortable and focused for longer periods of time.

SmartLink chairs support the ways we move with the flexible Learning Curve” design. It also encourages and supports the seating positions required for collaboration. The flexibility of SmartLink seating and student desks allows for learning without boundaries. With a lightweight design and smooth glides and casters, it’s easy to reconfigure the whole classroom at a moment’s notice.

smartlink by HON

SmartLink Seating (left) versus traditional polymer seating (right)



To find out more about these and other educational furniture options, please feel free to contact us!  We’d be happy to assist you!