This Office Deconstructed: Allsteel, All Star!

If there’s one word that describes successful office design today, it’s ‘Adaptive’.

Allsteel Clubhouse

What do we mean by ‘Adaptive’?

It has to be flexible, able to morph at a moment’s notice into what you need, where you need it.

The layout you see above is a typical example of a successful office design by Allsteel. It incorporates a social hub, collaborative workspace and private work space.  We’re going to deconstruct this so that you can see exactly how it all comes together.


Further Adaptive

Further is a powerful platform that gives you the freedom to adapt your environment at your own pace – simply, elegantly, and efficiently. The latest addition to Further’s already impressive capabilities is height adjustability.

Further’s systematic approach to planning invites you to continuously re-imagine the workplace, and move business forward with the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice. Connecting teams. Optimizing real estate. All while supporting a broad range of users and the work they do.

Here’s what Mitch Bakker, designer of Further Adaptive, has to say:

We find a lot of inspiration from things happening around the globe, whether it’s in an industry like automotive, fashion, even biomimicry. We try to marry these trends with something inspirational that is happening somewhere in the world. We tie these stories through product development, from beginning to the very end.


clubhouse by allsteel

The brainstorm retreat. A private area for the job interview. The temporary office for writing that memo to the boss. Whatever the activity, Clubhouse communicates to others that work is happening inside. Clubhouse is the newest addition to Allsteel’s Gather collection of furniture. It addresses the modern workplace’s need for flexibility in an open office design. By forming – not filling – a room, it creates a secluded space within any place.


Lyric by Allsteel
The Lyric work chair provides a multitude of choices, including three control types, two frame colors, six mesh colors, and a variety of seating upholsteries.  Make a serious statement with subdued colors or communicate fun and playful with a bold combination of mesh and upholstery. Lyric’s comfort and intuitive functionality paired with its simple but striking lines make it perfect for the workstation to the training room to the conference room.


Reflect by Allsteel.jpg
Your happy place is where you recharge. Where you escape from daily distractions. Where you focus on what matters. Reflect creates personal refuges around the open office – in the hallway, adjacent to a row of workstations, or near a wall of windows. Enjoy the privacy of a large, enveloping back that reduces distractions and communicates unavailability. Or the generous space formed from wide armrests and an oversized seat, allowing room for your laptop, paperwork, and other tools of the trade.