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At the beginning of 2020 COFCO was awarded the Furniture Package for a new Corporate Headquarters in Northern Virginia. COFCO partnered with HOK architects to furnish this 161,700 square foot space housing 600 people.

HOK approached COFCO with a concept for a new private office typical. Working together, we were able to create what has now become the Silea Split Top. This application is a fundamentally traditional office layout but it has a modernized functionality and aesthetic. It solves for height adjustability in the private office with a large L shape, while incorporating clearly defined “shared” space for guests. Sufficient user storage is incorporated through integrated pedestals and a unique wardrobe – or locker solution. Collaboration is still supported through writable glass surfaces on the wall as well as on the locker door that can be propped open. This application is a great option for offices that may still prefer to incorporate additional distance between users without being overt and keeping high design in mind.

Working with a difficult timeline within extremely challenging circumstances and with extensive shutdowns across the country construction did not stop, and the goal of allowing the client to move into their new Corporate facility did not push back.  COFCO’s various teams went into action.  Leveraging their long-standing tenure as one of the oldest and largest dealers in the country, COFCO and the HNI team worked to move production across various manufacturing facilities throughout the country.  As manufacturing and construction were in constant flux, COFCO was proud to deliver the client’s new HQ building, both on-time, and on-budget