How to get rid of work related pain in the neck and shoulders.

how to relieve pain-in-the-neckThere are lots of good reasons for making changes to the way we work.  Having a pain in the neck is one. 

Pain in the neck and shoulders means there’s something wrong with the way you’re positioned while you work and statistics show that over 50% of today’s work force is suffering this way.

As we’ve discussed previously, sitting for extended periods of time puts you at risk for sitting disease, but putting strain on your body by incorrect positioning and posture can also cause health problems, including carpel tunnel syndrome, eye strain, rotater cuff injuries, headaches, muscle aches and back problems.

Fortunately it’s an easy fix. Just follow these practical, common sense tips:

  • Make sure you change your position frequently.
  • Make sure that your chair is appropriately height-adjusted and that you’re sitting in it correctly
  • Make sure that your work surface is height adjustable so that you can position it at the optimum level whether standing or sitting
  • Take quick stretch and walk breaks throughout the day
  • Make sure your computer monitor is at eye level and that it is not picking up a glare from either natural or artificial light
  • Don’t face a window where your eyes are constantly exposed to a much higher level of light than you are seeing on your computer monitor
  • Use an ergonomic keyboard so that your arms and wrists are positioned to minimize strain

If you’re feeling pain in the neck or shoulders right now, here are a few videos that demonstrate exercises you can do at work to help alleviate the pain.

Now that you’ve taken a few minutes to relax those muscles, here are a few long term, ergonomically designed seating and height adjustable work surface solutions to help support you as you put our tips into practice:



Mimeo enables unrestricted movement and cross-functional interaction throughout the day. Its IntelliForm back technology and advanced materiality provide consistent contact for the personalized comfort of each user.
Mimeo intuitively responds to the user by supporting every movement, helping to maintain a healthy posture. The height, depth and arms are all adjustable so that the user can fine tune the chair to their particular specifications. The back wraps around the user and offers perfect lumbar support while the backrest mesh gently distributes the pressure points to help avoid strain and fatigue.
Read more about Mimeo’ s ergonomics here.


If you’ve struggled to find a chair that really works for you, check out Acuity. It’s ergonomically designed to fit anybody irrespective of their body type. Acuity is completely comfortable from the get go, but if you need it to be even more comfortable, it has intuitive manual controls so that you can adjust it even further.
Read more about it here.

Why Adjustable Height Work Surfaces are Important
 (click on the infographic below to enlarge it.)
Height Adjustable Tables Infographic

Allsteel Get Set Height Adjustable table
As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you’ll want to alternate sitting and standing throughout the day. This is a key way to help prevent neck and back pain.  Look for height adjustable work surfaces that are easy to adjust so that there’s no impediment to you doing so when busy.

Get Set is a perfect example of a versatile table with the ability to adjust to your desired height, whether sitting or standing.  The controls are intuitive and easy to use with accessories for power integration.  Additional options include dual-motion, nesting, folding, castors or glides.
You’ll find more details here:


Allsteel Altitude Height Adjustable TableAltitude is another great example of a versatile height adjustable table. Alternating sitting and standing is quick and easy.  Another advantage of this line is that it’s extremely flexible, offering a kit of parts including a combination of legs and tops including large, curvilinear work surfaces. This allows you to configure a set-up that suits your requirements whether you’re collaborating or working alone.
Get more information here.

Ready to get rid of the pain in your neck and experience the support of intuitive office furniture?  Contact us and we’ll fill you in on these and other available options.