Get Creative: Taking Your Office Outdoors!

Allsteel-Mimeo Best of 2015 Product & Material Interior DesignIt’s summer! The sun is shining, leaves are green, flowers are blooming… and you’re stuck inside your office!

It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some suggestions on how you can take your office outdoors (even if you don’t have much outdoor space) and take advantage of the summer weather.

We’ve recently enjoyed some impromptu outdoor meetings and they were so successful that we thought we’d share the idea! Working outdoors can increase your creativity and your productivity, plus it’s often a more enjoyable way to spend work time.

Tip 1: Get a Multi-Tasking Mobile Stool

Take your office outdoors scoochYou all know about the Allsteel Scooch portable seats and worksurfaces, but only in an indoor context.

These pieces are easy to move around and allow you to work in a variety of places, whether you need a quick huddle in a coworker’s cubicle or a more focused time in a quiet, private spot. They’re so versatile, why not try them outside?

Tip 2: Chairs That Move You

Take your office outdoors seekAny chair with casters can work outdoors, but if you’re looking for something light and small scale, look no further than Allsteel’s seek training chair.

Another option is Allsteel’s Take 5 chair,  pictured below with a portable Allsteel Transfer table. These easily transported pieces will set the tone for a more relaxed and creative collaboration.  Both are easy to move and provide more comfort than a picnic bench!

Take your office outdoors Take 5 & Transfer

Tip 3: Mobile Tables

Take your office outdoors AwareMobile tables like Transfer allow you to work on a surface anywhere inside or outside your office, at any time that suits you.

They’re sturdy, practical and create a personal workspace wherever you want to be.  If you need a little more room, try Aware which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes while retaining portability.


Tip 4: Mobile White Boards:

Take your office outdoors scoochNeed to share your ideas visually at your outdoor meeting? These handy Sketch mobile white boards from Allsteel allow you to take your collaboration wherever it makes the most sense – without losing functionality.

Tip 4: Outdoor Furniture

Take your office outdoors

If your office has a larger outdoor area or patio, it may make sense to purchase true outdoor furniture. Last summer we introduced you to some awesome options that can turn a drab outdoor space into a comfortable, fun and productive “office!”

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