COFCO at NeoCon East 2015 – Philadelphia

This year’s NeoCon East was a cause for much excitement at COFCO. 

Not only was it the first year of the event being hosted in Philadelphia, but we were also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate as an exhibitor.

COFCO at NeoConEast15COFCO’s booth, featuring the Allsteel Gather collection, attracted a lot of attention.  Being adjacent to Allsteel’s booth, and having many of our top manufacturers also in close proximity meant that we were able to provide our clients with a personalized tour… the ultimate ‘one stop shopping’ service!

All in all, the show was a resounding success for COFCO.  Being located in Philadelphia meant that we had many more clients popping in to see us and check out the industry trends.  This was more convenient than previous years, when the show took place in Baltimore.
COFCO’s account executives enjoyed touring clients through the space and seeing so many familiar industry connections in such a vibrant, friendly atmosphere.

To add to the fun, the annual IIDA Product Parade was held simultaneously with NeoCon East.  The Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Chapters hosted a memorable Block Party as part of this annual Architecture & Design Community trade show.

Aside from all the fun, we, along with Allsteel, highlighted some some key philosophies as far as office design and planning were concerned.  While NeoCon is often the showcase for new and innovative products, we responded to the real life challenges facing our clients.

The focus was squarely on taking the uncertainty out of the office planning process and helping clients to align their workplace strategy with their business strategy.  It seems like a straightforward and logical thing to do, but you’d be surprised at how often these two elements are out of sync.

Allsteel-NeoConEast15As you’ll see from this article, we are all about creating a completely practical approach for our clients which can then be standardized and implemented uniformly across all their locations.  Instead of specifying only the latest and greatest office furniture systems, we’ve been working with clients to find the exact right products and solutions that are totally relevant to current needs, but also have the flexibility to adapt to future requirements.

That means that we not only need to have an in-depth understanding of the products, but also of our clients daily operations.  Then, and only then, can we fully support their most important activities with a holistic, sustainable and responsive office design that will work now and in the future.

It’s exciting, stimulating, challenging and very rewarding!