What in the world? July 1946

What in the world happened during July 1946?


July 1946 was an interesting time during COFCO’s first few months of existence.

bikini-atollThe month began explosively, quite literally, with an atomic bomb – the fourth ever – being detonated in the South Pacific ocean at Bikini Atoll – a ring shaped series of islands in the grouping known as the  Marshall Islands.

A fleet of 73 unmanned ships were assembled in the area in order to see what effect the bomb would have. Two U.S. vessels sank, one capsized and a Japanese ship sank the next day.

bikiniOn a lighter note, model Micheline Bernardini was the first woman to publicly wear a 2 piece bathing suit in Paris.

Designer, Louis Reard, named it… the ‘Bikini’.

George Walker Bush was born and Jimmy Carter got married. Bon Scott, lead singer of AC/DC was born as was Mitch Mitchel, the last surviving member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cheech Marin, Linda Ronstadt and Danny Glover.

Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini became the first American citizen to be named a saint by the Catholic Church.

In Hungary, inflation peaked at 348.46% which meant that prices doubled every 11 hours!

In the U.S. the Social Security Administration was established.

Lieutenant Commander James J. Davidson became the first American to land a jet airplane on to an aircraft carrier, guiding an FH-1 Phantom onto the deck of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt after taking off from the ship earlier.