What in the World? COFCO in 2086.

What in the World? COFCO in 2086.

Joan Waters David Einstein Alan Einstein
As you know, 2016 is our 70th anniversary year and what a time it has been!

As with most major milestones in life, it has given us an opportunity to look at our past, at our roots, our values, philosophy and culture.  We’ve consciously taken  time to really appreciate the integrity, vision and drive that began with David Einstein in 1946, amid a turbulent world landscape, and which has been a constant thread in COFCO’s daily operations ever since.

COFCO Old Building Office FurnitureNo matter what has been going on in the world around us, we’ve held fast to those visions and values.  We still do.

Which brings us to where we are now and what we see as our future. What in the world does COFCO look like in 70 years time and what is our path from now until then?

Being a ‘family’ organization goes deeper than a name.  Everyone on Team COFCO is part of this family business – they ARE the family of COFCO.  It says a lot about our culture that we do consider ourselves as a family.

As a family, we have a common goal for the next 70 years.  It looks a lot like David’s vision, just updated and more relevant for the times we live in.  Yes, we want to offer the most practical and best value contract office systems to our clients. Yes, we want to provide them with elegant solutions to their sometimes thorny office design problems.  But more than that, we want to continue to be a trusted, reliable resource they can turn to when aiming at creating their ‘perfect’ office.

Joan Waters - Cornerstone Award Recipient 2016Not only that, but with the advent of our C.E.O. and mentor, Joan Waters, as the majority stockholder of COFCO, we’re seeing our influence rapidly extending beyond just us, our vendors and our clients.  We see our influence positively impacting the community around us in ways that really make a difference.

Cornerstone Smart CEO AwardsBeing a Woman Business Enterprise is about to open doors that were not previously open.  It’s not all about bigger projects, special designations and official certification.  It’s about providing leadership to our community and the business communities across our nation. It’s about providing inspiration and hope. It’s about being a beacon of stability in a world that is, if anything, even more turbulent than it was in 1946.

The good news is that we see the future, not necessarily as an end goal in terms of where we’ll be in 70 years time, but more as a bright and prosperous journey celebrating  relationships, innovation, hard work and integrity.  Just the same as it has been for the past 70 years – only better, stronger and more successful than ever before.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to every member of the COFCO family, to our supportive vendors and to our amazing clients for making the past 70 years as wonderful as they have been and for making it possible for us to face the next 70 with excitement and anticipation.