Transfer of ideas! Transfer of inspiration! Transfer of location!

Transfer from Allsteel

Transfer is a versatile personal work surface from Allsteel that makes it easy to create an energy transfer of ideas, inspiration and innovation anytime you want.

Allsteel TransferInformal collaboration is wonderful but sometimes capturing those ideas on a laptop balanced on you lap can be a little awkward.  Allsteel Transfer makes it easy to transition between brainstorming and recording all those great ideas on your laptop or tablet. Tranfer’s lightweight design  makes it easy to pulls up alongside your lounge chair or side seating. Voila!  Instant work surface just when you need it.

This nifty little table is available in two top shapes and in a variety of finish options, so that it complements your work as well as your work area aesthetic. The unique, slender base design allows you to pull the table close while leaving room to tuck your feet comfortably underneath.