This Office Deconstructed: The Key is to Optimize

What office furniture should you choose when you want to optimize efficiency? Here’s an example of a practical approach that offers great value:

Allsteel Optimize Workstations:

Optimize work environment

In today’s business climate, you need to get the most out of every decision you make. And when it’s time to invest in quality workstations, Optimize gives you more for your money while giving your employees more of what they need to work efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re outfitting a call center, creating teaming areas, replacing a reception desk, or need a new manager station, Allsteel can help you make the most of your office with Optimize.

We like the Optimize configuration featuring low panels to encourage team members to collaborate. It also helps that these workstations are durably constructed with great storage integration…and they look good too!

Allsteel Quip Office Chair:

Quip work environmentQuip work environment

Quip is an ergonomic task chair designed to support you all day with intuitive controls and infinite color combinations. It is a versatile solution for you and your workspace. Quip works hard and looks good doing it.

Multiple design choices allow you to create the exact look you want, reinforcing your branding to both employees and visitors.  Perhaps the best thing about Quip is the user friendly built in support that can be adjusted to suit your preferences, including seat height and depth as well as tilt tension and most importantly, lumbar support.

We love that Quip is extremely functional and works in a variety of situations.

Allsteel Transfer:

Transfer work environment

Transfer work environment

Transfer makes it easy to move from brainstorming and sharing ideas, to capturing your thoughts on paper, to using your laptop or tablet. Its lightweight design pulls up comfortably to lounge chairs or side seating, creating an instant worksurface.

We feel that it’s the perfect choice to facilitate spontaneous collaboration that results in innovative ideas. Transfer tables are quick and easy to ‘transfer’ from place to place whenever and wherever team members choose.