This office deconstructed: HON Abode, Endorse and Flock

Things have changed since the 1960’s and it’s nowhere more evident than when you look at our office furniture.


Yes, we still have desks and chairs and storage – but it’s so very different!  Ergonomics, aesthetics, responsiveness… it’s all about form and function.  Take this office, for example. Old style cubicles have given way to a much more visually appealing and ‘human friendly’ design.

Here’s this office deconstructed:

Abode Workstation

Abode by HON

Abode has been designed to fit each users needs. It has built in versatility and absolute functionality so that each user can customize their workstation to fit the way they work.  The variety of configurations and customizable storage solutions means that each individual is in complete control of their own environment. Abode surrounds them with the tools they need to get the job done. This solid workstation is a great self-starter and also a responsive team player, creating a consistent aesthetic when integrated with other HON workstations.

Endorse Low Back Task Chair

Endorse Task Chair by HON

Endorse is The HON Company’s most adaptable seating collection. An attractive mesh, low-back task chair that is more than just a pretty face!  It also features adaptable comfort geometry, plus the added benefit of an easy-to-use built-in lumbar adjustment for exceptional lower back support. The ilira-stretch back material provides natural ventilation keeping you cool, even when the pressure’s on!

Flock Chair

flock by HON

This modular Flock square lounge chair is fully upholstered, and offers the comfort and mobility flexible spaces demand.

Four different leg options provide a range of aesthetics and functionality, and the chair is available in a wide selection of attractive fabrics.