This Office Deconstructed: Healthcare Edition

Technology is impacting the way we live, the way we work and the way our healthcare is delivered.


Integrating technology into healthcare spaces is just as important as it is in a commercial office.  In this edition of “This Office Deconstructed,’ we’ll take a look at some of the ways that technology is impacting the way healthcare spaces are being designed and furnished. Here are just a few examples from Humanscale showing just how technology and ergonomics are integrated for seamless patient care.

healthcareMobile Healthcare Cart:

Humanscale’s Mobile Healthcare cart integrates the digital tools of the healthcare environment.  A monitor arm that tilts and rotates, height adjustment,  long-life batteries, integrated keyboard support and fully mobile. It makes individual patient care so much easier!

Built for exceptionally intuitive one-hand operation, the T7 is a revolutionary innovation in the TouchPoint line of medical technology carts. Its Auto Fit™ technology instantly adjusts to each caregiver’s entered height, while its Power Track™ steering allows for virtually effortless maneuvering and complete user control. With a beautifully simple design, the T7 makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.

Wallpoint Technology Workstations:

healthcare technology

Flexible monitor arms, fold away keyboards, integrated cable management…

It’s a sleek, smooth approach to delivering quality healthcare.  It is built with both the healthcare professional and patient in mind and the IT department will also love it!

HealthPoint Technology Cabinet

healthcare technologyAt just four inches deep, the H1 is unobtrusive and requires minimal space allowance. Featuring an electronic keypad to ensure confidentiality, the H1 can be positioned safely in public spaces, allowing caregivers and IT staff to effortlessly access and enter crucial patient data without security concerns. With a smooth finish for enhanced infection control, an anti-glare, scratch-resistant screen and a built-in cable management system, the H1 serves as a “touchdown” station, encouraging workplace flexibility and supporting busy caregivers as they move throughout their space.