This Office Deconstructed: Harvest Rustic & Vicinity

Old Fashioned Values. Cutting Edge Design.

No matter how modern, cutting edge and superior and office looks, if the design doesn’t take the old fashioned values of support, trust and co-operation into account, it’s not a place where productivity will thrive. Fortunately, Allsteel understands how to make office furniture that creates and nurtures that kind of environment.  Here’s a peek at some of their latest designs:

Harvest Rustic


Harvest Rustic

The best teams are united toward a common goal. They trust each other. They encourage everyone to have a voice and take pride in what they do. In order to harvest this team spirit, you must bring everyone together comfortably. Enter Harvest Rustic, the newest addition to the Allsteel® line of Harvest tables.

The Harvest Rustic table is designed to help you feel at ease hosting gatherings of all kinds. Seated and standing-height tables are perfect for everything from the brainstorm to the weekly donut club. All the necessities of the office mix with an appealing, familial aesthetic. Bring your team together around the Harvest Rustic table.

Refined Aesthetics
Choose from multiple finish combinations to create a warm and inviting space.
Power Capabilities
Includes built-in power and USB capability to charge a variety of devices.
Planning Options
Choose between square and rectangular shapes, seated or standing height to fit any acitivity. The standing-height table has a footrest for added comfort.


allsteel vicinity

A gathering space is more than a place. It’s a creative hub that sparks collaboration, connection, and culture. It fosters interaction and ideas that drive innovation. It’s a shot of energy to every workday, a place to come together and show what you’re about.

allsteel vicinity

Vicinity is the newest addition to Allsteel’s Gather™ collection of furniture. The cafeteria has evolved from a small, back-of-office nook to a vibrant, front-and-center space for planned and impromptu meetings, or for giving guests a taste of your company’s culture.

Vicinity meets these needs with the flexibility to fit more spaces around your office and a style that’s distinctively yours. It’s perfect for creative breaks, standing meetings, relaxed eating, or heads-down work.

Color Options
Choose from multiple color and finish combinations to fit the style of your office.
Refined Aesthetics
Simple, clean lines serve as the calling card for your company’s personality.
Ease of Use
Lightweight pieces are easy to move, and stack for whatever your office needs.
Breadth of Line
Find the right fit anywhere in the office with a complete family of seating.