The Spectacular 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show

Every year the Philadelphia Flower Show attracts visitors from across the nation and the world.

Butterflies_Live Philadelphia Flower Show


The 2017 event was even more spectacular than usual as international exhibitors went above and beyond to capture the essence of this year’s theme: “Holland.”  For most people, Holland is synonymous with tulips and one could be forgiven for imagining row upon row of these gorgeous spring flowers, however, the 2017 show went far beyond the expected with a truly spectacular line up.

Guests were treated to a number of interactive and fascinating exhibits including  1,000  live butterflies in a recreated natural habitat.  Other attractions included enjoying a Garden Tea, participating in hands-on D.I.Y. garden workshops and demonstrations, voting for a ‘Reality T.V.’ floral designer face-off,  savoring fine wines and relaxing in the relaxing Garden Spa.

All in all, the latest Flower Show was a much anticipated and much enjoyed event.  But, even more importantly, it was an event with a more important function than simple entertainment.

Firstly, attention was dramatically drawn to the critically endangered species necessary for the pollination of much of our grown food supply. Butterfly populations have decreased by 90% lately. This could seriously impact our ability to grow fruits and vegetables.

Secondly, proceeds from the Flower Show benefit the year-round programs of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society that have become national models of urban greening, including City Harvest, which creates green jobs and supports a network of community gardens that raise fresh produce for families in need.

With 2017’s show being of such a high standard, we eagerly anticipate more excitement in 2018!