Come on and Scooch UP!

 Allsteel Scooch

Scooch from AllsteelIt’s easy to “pull up a seat” with Allsteel Scooch whenever it suits you!  Want to have a quick discussion with a colleague? Sit closer to the window? Grab a cup of coffee a few minutes off your feet? Scooch is lightweight, easy to move around and even easier to carry somewhere else.

Scooch is designed to allow you to use it from two angles so that you can change postures to for maximum comfort.  Missing that backrest? No problem, simply glide it over to rest against Allsteel’s Hedge product or a nearby wall. scooch from allsteel
Scooch is small but multi-functional, providing dual comfort: sitting forward when conversing  as well as in a more upright sitting position. The counterbalanced design tilts Scooch when you lift it by convenient hand holds.  It’s a cinch to carry from one spot to the next. “Scooch” it under your work surface and then pull it out for guest seating or spontaneous team meetings around your desk.