Parallel – an alternative and better collaborative universe

Imagine a range of contemporary, beautiful furniture morphing into whatever setting you need it to be. 

Allsteel Parallel

Furniture with which you could virtually create your own ‘universe’ of ‘people spaces.’  Reception areas, casual seating areas, collaborative areas. No fussing with trying to find pieces that work together, because they all do.  Sounds like a quantum dream?  Not anymore.

Allsteel,  in collaboration with furniture designer Chris Adamick, has created ‘Parallel’, a collection of soft seating and tables that adapt to a variety of spaces. It accommodates different functions while maintaining a consistent aesthetic.  When it comes to coordinating with your  corporate image, the  fabric choice is huge. You can even specify your own if you want.

Allsteel Parallel

Here are a few of the highlights:

Functional Design Wide arms allow a comfortable surface for device usage, and the optional sleeve makes a stable work surface.

Room to Spare Club Plus Lounge extra-wide seat allows freedom of movement and the ability to stash a backpack or bag.

Sophisticated Choices Allsteel has partnered with HBF Textiles on a collection of upholsteries that features three-dimensional character and purity of color.

Refined Aesthetics Tapered oval legs and a thin perimeter frame reveal are unique design characteristics.

Fine Details Fabrics can be accentuated with a channeling detail that complements the product’s clean lines and adds additional comfort.

A Complementary Collection Coffee and side tables, available in laminate or veneer, complete the Parallel offering.