Independence HallPhiladelphia Roots

Founded in 1946, COFCO is a Philadelphia-made company, and proud of its roots. We are the oldest continuously operating commercial office furniture dealership in the Philadelphia region.

The passion for furniture and providing our clients exceptional service began with David Einstein. Established with a trailer-load of government surplus furnishing, David’s integrity and hard work made COFCO a growing company with a solid reputation.

David also built long-term relationships with both his manufacturing partners and his colleagues to establish a company-focus on a strong balance sheet.  Though he passed away in 2014, David’s legacy lives on and COFCO remains committed to the values upon which he originally built the company.

Innovation, Growth and Sustainability

In 1970, Alan, David’s son, joined the company in order to meet the needs and further develop COFCO’s expertise in commercial office furniture. For the next two decades, COFCO would build its portfolio of larger and more complex office furniture projects. By hiring a professional sales team and expanding the COFCO staff of experts with strong customer relationships at every step of the project, COFCO became a trusted and reliable partner to more and more businesses in the region. Alan continued his father’s commitment to a strong financial footing and the belief that the company’s partners and teammates were a huge part of its success. Alan continues to provide leadership to COFCO in his role as Chairman of the Board, a position to which he was appointed in January of 2015.

Between 1985 and 2005, Alan guided COFCO’s expansion through acquisition of several smaller dealerships, which extended our footprint in the region and enhanced our ability to better serve the marketplace. In 2009, COFCO made a long term commitment to their Philadelphia heritage by merging locations. With more than 125,000 square feet of warehouse space, and 24,000 square feet of finished office space and showroom, this innovative, rebuilt site located in the American Street brought the COFCO team under one roof and centralized the office, warehouse and showroom into one full service operation.

Leadership and Vision for the Future

In 2016 COFCO transitioned leadership to CEO Joan Waters, who has partnered with Alan in leading the organization over the last decade. This designation of Joan as majority shareholder officially makes COFCO a Woman Business Enterprise, a status that is very important to Joan and COFCO as an organization. Joan’s experience and passion for the business and her commitment to hiring the best people to support our clients will carry forth seamlessly as she becomes the next generation owner. Joan champions a new corporate vision which honors COFCO’s longstanding traditions and legacy and embraces the future and the dramatic changes that will occur in the way people work.