Our October Favorite: AWARE

AWARE from Allsteel is the ‘Eagle scout of office furniture’.

Whether you’re setting up a flexible learning environment, pulling together a hard-working training room, creating more worksurface area in a private office, or adding a multi-purpose café space, Aware anticipates your every need.

The collection of Aware tables, marker boards, and credenzas can do anything you need them to do and look anyway you want them to look, thanks to a variety of aesthetic and functional options that allow you to keep it simple to meet your budget or add features to meet specific needs.

Allsteel Aware Educational Furniture

AWARE from Allsteel is possibly one of the most versatile collections on the market today.  That kind of versatility translates into some significant benefits including the ability to multi-task when, where and how you need it, to the obvious cost efficiencies, to easy storage.

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