One of our Favorites For Collaboration: Allsteel Gather

Allsteel Gather is our favorite this month and we’ve chosen it because we love how versatile and practical this collection is and how well it supports collaboration.


That’s why we chose Gather as our feature product at NeoCon East 15 – and our visitors seemed to agree!  Check out the post about our booth here.  Discover the design story behind Gather in this video

Gather was designed to bring people together in the workplace.  To brainstorm, to collaborate and to innovate. It’s not just the end product that epitomizes this philosophy – it was at the very heart of the actual design process.

allsteel_gatherIt provides the foundation for work across all demographics and industries and supports the real life functions and work processes in the business environment.  The line incorporates just about anything you might need and use on a daily basis.  From comfortable group seating, to individual seating, to work surfaces and even sketch boards.

The design is contemporary, yet timeless and fits into any kind of office in any area of the world.