Our December Favorite – Fringe

One of our new Favorites is Fringe from National and you can easily see why!

National says that Fringe came about because, “Every day is a journey. Work. Learn. Socialize. Work. Learn. Socialize. However, it’s not cyclical; it’s fluent as one idea over there makes a project better over here. This fluidity, this never ending river of conversation enables breakthroughs, handshakes, smiles, compassion and teamwork.

Fringe allows work to happen, wherever, whenever and however works for you.  That’s why we love it.  It’s the epitome of flexible, adaptive and supportive furniture design that makes our job of designing and furnishing great offices so enjoyable.

Add to that the fact that Fringe is responsibly produced and thoughtfully designed and you have even more reason to embrace this casual, yet elegant seating solution. You’ll be thrilled with how the rich veneers and durable laminates create a balance of sophistication and functionality that perfectly fits your business model.

If you’re looking for ‘exciting’, ‘stunning’, ‘beautiful’, but don’t want to sacrifice ‘practical’ and ‘comfortable’, get in touch today and we’ll show you this and other options that will fit your style!