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“In the face of tragedy, COFCO was invaluable, I can’t imagine any other company doing what they did,”  recalled Marcia Vogt, facilities manager at UGI.  In 2009 a fire broke out at UGI’s corporate headquarters in suburban Philadelphia the week before Christmas.  Thankfully, all 350 employees evacuated safely, but the fire destroyed everything.  The next step was determining how to put the business back in place when everything was gone. Where do you start? Who to call?

For Marcia, the first call she made was to COFCO.  The COFCO team immediately went into action to help UGI relocate to a temporary space and begin the process of putting the office back together.  Over the Christmas and New Years’ holiday season, Joan Waters and the entire COFCO team worked tirelessly with UGI to re-build the office.

With COFCO’s round-the-clock support, UGI was back up and running in record time, with minimal disruption of the business.   On January 2nd,  the impossible was made possible and UGI employees got back to work and began to move forward after a horrific experience.