New Office Design Underway at COFCO

Spring has always heralded new beginnings.

It’s a time when we feel inspired to get our homes clean and organized – hence the term ‘Spring Cleaning’ – and it’s the time that we also look at our work environment to see how we can improve it with fresh ideas and an inspiring new office design.

COFCO has been planning a Spring renovation for some time.  You might have noticed our pre-renovation sale in January where we cleared out container loads of furniture to empty the space for the planned construction work.  It’s now March and we’re in the throes of creating a brand new, beautiful space on our 2nd floor.  As you can see from the photos below, it’s a huge overhaul:

COFCO new office design

20170224_164958 COFCO new office design

It’s not just the 2nd floor we’re re-creating. We’re also making major improvements to the office area of our 1st floor warehouse which will considerably modernize our workspace.

If you’ve visited us, you’ll know that our current space already includes a state-of-the-art Resource Center that serves as Allsteel’s Philadelphia showroom. The renovation project will revamp this Resource Center as well move our employees’ work area from a smaller first floor space to a much larger second floor space. Everyone’s excited about that!

Once the construction work is done, we’ll be furnishing the new space with the latest product from Allsteel in a ‘real life’ working environment showcase. This will allow our clients to get a good feel for the options available for their own office design projects.

Besides being a showcase, the improved space will also allow fulfill another important function. We’re continually growing and now we’ll have space to add new team members to our staff as necessary.

We’re also looking forward to being able to collaborate more easily. Our new work area will be open and much more conducive to the free flow of ideas and discussion.

We expect to “move on up” to our new work area by May 2017.  Once we do, we plan to celebrate the completion of the project by inviting our partners to a grand opening event in the space.