It’s all about how you Relate.

It’s all about how you Relate!


Relate Work by Allsteel

Relate by allsteelThere’s a subtle relationship between versatility and incredible comfort. If you have one chair for work, you’re sitting for long periods at your desk or in meetings in the conference room. That’s when Relate Work really comes into it’s own.

Designed by Marcus Koepke, the Relate work chair is not just the ‘go to’ office chair, it’s also a pretty face, with it’s contemporary, slim profile that works in both an open plan or small private office area. Ergonomically designed, it boasts several innovative technologies, including a unique pivoting back and tension adjustment so it actively supports you during your work day.

More Design Choices
Choose a high- or mid-back, available in mesh, upholstery or leather. A variety of frame finishes are available including polished aluminum with fixed “C” arms.

Quick Tension Lever
Relate’s Quick Tension Lever allows you to easily and quickly fine-tune your back support as many times as you change your seating position throughout the day.
Body Adaptive Control
Body Adaptive Control combines a weight-sensing tilt with a pivoting back that follows your every shift in position, reducing muscle fatigue and encouraging healthy movement throughout the day.
Full Collection of Seating
The Relate collection includes work chairs, stools, and side chairs perfect for conference rooms, private offices, workstations, guest seating, training rooms, cafés, and standing-height workstations.

In addition to work chairs, the Relate family of chairs includes work stools, 4-legged stools, and side chairs, making it easy to find solutions that work across the entire office.


Relate Side by Allsteel


Relate Side by AllsteelThis multi-purpose side chair is good looking, comfortable and convenient.  Easy to stack and move, it’s perfect for training rooms, informal conference spaces or guest chairs in a private office. It’s designed for flexibility and works in many room configurations. Available with or without arms, or casters, plus a unique pivoting back for improved ergonomics and comfort.

In addition to side chairs, the Relate family of chairs includes work chairs, work stools, and 4-legged stools, making it easy to find solutions that work across the entire office.