David Einstein (as remembered by his son, Alan Einstein) Part One

David Einstein, COFCO’s founder, is the epitome of the ‘American Dream’ fulfilled.


He was raised by parents who started with very little and who worked extremely hard to raise their family and to make a mark in Vinland, NJ.

David’s father, Sylvan “climbed the ladder” to become a top (and in some years THE top) insurance agent for New York Life. Sylvan had a great work ethic and was loved in his community where he helped out so many who had so little.

All the fine qualities of both Sylvan and Sara Einstein were instilled in their three children.

When asked about the most important character trait Alan remembers about his father, he says, “He was genuine. He loved to work, loved to sell, loved to create, and loved to satisfy customers. You could see that in every interaction you had with him. As soon as people dealt with him, it was quickly apparent that he was always true to his word and had no hidden agendas.

David got his first sales experience huckstering fruits and vegetables in the Vineland neighborhoods. He went door-to-door with his pony and wagon, and later, in an old Chevy truck that he had recommissioned from a junk yard.

David was resourceful and learned the importance of hard work and satisfying customers from his dad.  At every stage of his career, no matter what he was selling, customers liked how he handled himself and how he treated them.  David consistently earned their trust and allegiance—a great foundation for growing sales.

In Part 2, we’ll tell you about how David came to found COFCO in 1946 and about his first clients.