Comfort and Wellness Are Workplace Priorities

Office design involves a lot more than simply furnishing a work space with great furniture in a logical layout that promotes efficient traffic flow. 

Comfort and wellness are are just as much a priority as efficiency and productivity.

Office furniture manufacturers and office space designers are focusing on furniture and equipment designed to support the way we work, rather than expecting us to adapt to  their designs.  As the work force is weighted towards the millennial demographic, this means that there’s a whole new mind set which sees work as part of life, rather than trying to separate office and home.

Millennials are used to collaboration – this is how they were educated.  Group think tanks, group projects, common goals are all built into their psyche.  Office furniture needs to support and promote the process of both spontaneous and planned team work, which means it must be flexible, re-configurable, portable and comfortable. In addition, it has to be ergonomically designed to promote wellness at work, avoiding employee injury and fatigue. Quite a tall order!  However, vendors such as Allsteel have risen to the challenge with a variety of designs that fill all those criteria and more.

Here are a few examples of office furniture that’s comfortable, flexible and portable:

Examples from the Gather range featuring Gather seating, Scooch and Sketch, a versatile and mobile white board:

allsteel gather - comfort and wellness

Allsteel Sketch & Gather

Gather Collaborative Furniture

Allsteel Gather collaborative furniture

Allsteel Rise and Scooch: a perfect combination for those spontaneous collaborations. Ideal for educational institutions, libraries and community centers.

the diverse workplaceAOSeriesRiseHero_Rise_Page_Hero_3.jpg


Allsteel Further Adaptive: Work stations that offer the ultimate in flexibility. Use each one as a stand alone work station, or put them together to facilitate team work.  Users can choose to sit or stand.

further adaptive

Allsteel Further

Allsteel Transfer: the ultimate in easy portability – take your workstation anywhere the mood or the collaboration takes you!

Allsteel Transfer

Transfer work environment

These are just a few of the innovative examples of how office furniture is supporting the way we work today.  Please feel free to contact us to discover more exciting, flexible and practical options and get specific advice on how to make your work environment comfortable and productive!