COFCO Thriving in DC Market

2019 was a year of growth for COFCO. In January, COFCO acquired PBI, a small yet successful dealership in Annapolis, MD. Only months later, COFCO seized the opportunity to acquire another thriving, full-service contract office dealership in Washington, DC. That dealership was CHL.  Located in the backyard of the White House, this became home to COFCO’s “South” branch.

While most corporate expansions experience major growing pains, COFCO experienced major success. 

This new division of COFCO combined the superior talent and culture that existed at PBI and CHL and replicated the service model and commitment to excellence that was established at COFCO’s inception in Philadelphia. The highly motivated and versatile team in DC excels on projects of every size and within any market. In just one year, the DC team has already created a strong reputation of quality and commitment that meets our clients’ needs, every time.

Adding DC to the COFCO family has immediately made the organization stronger, more valuable and more successful, and we look forward to continued growth as we move ahead as one cohesive and dynamic team.