COFCO Supports City Year Philadelphia’s Day Of Service

At COFCO we believe in doing the right thing and that means supporting community efforts to improve conditions for our fellow Philadelphians.

City Year is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and COFCO is looking forward to partnering with the organization for as many as events as possible to make this special year their best yet.

Recently several COFCO team members participated in City Year Philadelphia’s Day of Service

The COFCO team included Andrea Coles, Christina Brunkel and several of her friends, Charlie Embler and his wife Nancy and Jim W. We are so proud of their service!

Here’s what Christina shared about the COFCO team’s experience:

Coffee and bagels were provided when we arrived before a quick assembly that included a former Philadelphia Eagles player and their mascot, Swoop.

The principal of Penn Treaty, the school at which we were volunteering, spoke briefly and then we were broken into groups.  Each group was responsible for an area; our spot had To Kill a Mockingbird, Esperanza Rising and the Art Institute. 

We painted for the entire morning, ate lunch then finished our murals.  There were over 300 volunteers; the day had a great energy and the City Year Staff was so positive, motivating and fun!

Here are a few photos of the team at work:

City of PHiladelphia Day of Service