Celebrating the AmeriHealth Administrators (AHA) Headquarter Relocation Project

COFCO previously featured the AmeriHealth Administrators (AHA) headquarter relocation project in our project updates


This was one of our key jobs in 2015 and we were extremely excited to help AHA to transition into a bright, cheerful and supportive work environment.

We’re even more excited to announce that the AHA employees have now moved into their new space at 1900 Market Street in Philadelphia on Friday, 8th January 2016.

To give you an idea of the scope of this undertaking, here’s an idea of what the space included:

  • Allsteel workstations
  • Allsteel Beyond architectural wall product
  • National case goods
  • Symmetry ergonomic tools

as well as a large mix of ancillary furniture from KI, National, Magnuson and TakeForm,  to name just a few.

We wish Amerihealth Administrators (AHA) well as they enjoy their beautiful new space!

Click here to see some of the photos taken at the job site!