Alan Einstein continues to grow the COFCO dream

alan_einstein Chairman of the Board COFCOAlan Einstein, son of COFCO Founder David Einstein, is currently the Chairman of the Board, a position to which he was appointed in January 2015.  

When asked which accomplishment he is proudest of, he has no hesitation, answering, “I’m proudest of having successfully worked with my father in the family business.” You’ll find out about how David founded COFCO in 1946 here.

Alan joined his father at COFCO in 1970, 22 years after COFCO was founded. By this time, COFCO was growing rapidly and Alan’s responsibility was to help meet the company’s current needs and to further develop expertise in commercial office furniture.

Over the next few decades, Alan helped COFCO build its portfolio of larger and more complex office furniture projects.

He spearheaded the hiring of a professional sales team, focusing on developing a team of experts who understood how to nurture strong customer relationships during the course of each project.

Between 1985 and 2005, Alan guided COFCO’s expansion, acquiring several smaller dealerships.  This not only grew COFCO’s presence in the region, but also greatly enhanced the ability to serve the marketplace.

Independence HallIn 2009, COFCO made a long term commitment to their Philadelphia heritage by merging locations.

COFCO now boasts more than 125,000 square feet of warehouse space, 24,000 square feet of finished space comprising office and showroom. The innovative, rebuilt site in the American Street corridor brought the entire COFCO team under one roof, centralizing office, warehouse and showroom into a single full service operation.

Despite COFCO’s growth over the years, Alan has maintained his commitment to his father’s vision keeping the company true to it’s original core values.

One of those values is to ensure COFCO has a strong financial footing. Another is the belief that our partners and teammates are integral to our success. Alan has always worked hard to ensure COFCO is seen by clients and the business community as a trusted and reliable partner.

Although many things may have changed since COFCO’s 1946 beginnings, Alan still provides COFCO with the same leadership, values and vision for the future with which his father founded the company and which is, he believes, the reason for its success today.

Fun facts about Alan:
Favorite color: blue
Favorite movie: The Godfather, with Lampoon’s Summer Vacation a close second
Favorite book: Don’t sweat the small stuff
Hidden talent: I’ve always been a fast runner… I was a sprinter in high school
Favorite actor to play ‘Alan Einstein’: Sean Connery
Favorite item in Alan’s ‘fridge: In the summer, Corona!